PIE Sensor is used to measure temperature, humidity, and light. It uses the temperature sensor, DHT22 sensor, and the LDR sensor on NodeMCU ESP8266. The output is displayed using justgate on HTML5. Data exchange between the sensors and the HTML5 is performed over the Microgear Library. We need to install one Microgear on ESP8266 and another Microgear on HTML5.


  • NodeMCU ESP8266

  • DHT22 Sensor

  • LDR Sensor

Schematic Diagram

NodeMCU pin diagram


ESP8266 NodeMCU Development Kit

Download Microgear library for esp8266 arduino here

Download DHT library here

code :


Download Microgear library for html5 here

code :


Download PIE Sensor’s source code here

Don’t forget to change your ssid, password, APPID, APPKEY and APPSECRET otherwise you may not connect to NETPIE.